212wqwIn the last year Quality Metals has made significant investment in our Red Bud leveling lines to provide our customers with a the best possible flat rolled products in the market.  Our multiple leveling lines have the capability to produce exceptionally flat sheets up to 72 inches wide and 240 inches long. Our dedicated aluminum line has the capabilities to produce a flat, oil free aluminum sheet with PVC for your laser needs.
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PrecisioQualityMetals_086n shearing is just another reason why Quality Metals should be your premier supplier of flat rolled product.  With our 12 foot shear we have the ability to reduce your scrap by providing the exact size you need produce a great fabricated part at a lower cost especially on smaller run parts. Our shearing lines are fully equipped to cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum up to ¼” thick.

One of the major investments Quality Metals has recently made is the purchase of a new Bystronic BySprint 4020 fiber laser.  With a bed size of 78×157 and the ability to run light we can offer our customers a faster and more cost efficient method of producing parts for you and your customers.  By providing parts to our customers who are fabricators just like you we have enabled them to reduce expenses through less scrap, utilizing you workforce for other manufacturing steps, Stock and Hold programs for parts as they need them providing them with more space and JIT manufacturing.

In addition to in house laser work we have a huge network of our customers that can assists with creating parts from start to finish.  From bending, Stamping, Drawing, welding, roll forming, Assembly painting, and shot blasting.  We have the contacts to be able to produce your part quickly and efficiently.

44444At Quality Metals we know that sometimes you need it and need it right away. We have the capabilities the extensive stock including Galvanized, HRPO, CRCQ, and Aluminum, to be able to complete your specialized order that day for next day delivery. Please note this is for stock items only and minimum weights may apply.

1 At Quality Metals it’s the people that help make our company great. Our customer service and sales staff and all highly experienced and trained to understand all aspects of manufacturing and market conditions to help you make the right choice when choosing a metals supplier. We are in the business of not only being a great supplier but we always go the extra length to be a partner in yours. Our Sales team visit customers to understand issues that our customers face on a daily basis and are trained to create solutions to improve your revenue through solutions that will lower your operating costs and improve your efficiency.

We have the room and the buying power to create the most efficient methods to handling your manufacturing needs. From JIT Solutions, KANBAN methods, Standard stock and hold program. Indexed based pricing as well as Large Quantity Contract buys. Quality metals is your solution to better managed inventory and operation efficiency

Aside from our in house technical team to help you with questions all of the mills that we work with are always available to you to help answer any questions and create custom solutions and materials for your manufacturing issues. We understand that not all parts will be produced from standard materials. Our team has created results for countless customers who love our ability to be flexible to suit your needs.

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